Voucher reimbursement request

This form concerns vouchers issued and still in credit, in the exceptional context of the Coronavirus epidemic and defined by Ordinance No. 2020-315 of March 25, 2020 relating to the financial conditions for the resolution of certain tourist travel contracts and stays in the event of exceptional and unavoidable circumstances or force majeure.

To request a refund, please bring the Voucher that you received by email on the day of cancellation of your stay. The information it contains is necessary for your request to be taken into account and for the proper execution of the reimbursement.

No refund request can be processed outside of a secure form.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The reference of your reservation can be found on your initial confirmation of stay or is present on your Voucher.

The reference of your Voucher is on your document, sent by email, and consists of a series of numbers and letters.

The reimbursement of your Voucher will be made within a fortnight of receipt of your request. Make sure you have received our confirmation email in your mailbox indicating that your request has been validated and taken into account by our service.

You can find your Reservation Number on your initial Confirmation of Stay or is present on your Voucher. If you booked via Poplidays.com, you can also find this reference by logging into your customer area on the Poplidays.com website.

The Voucher was sent to you by email automatically when you canceled your stay. Unfortunately, our service does not have the technical possibility of re-editing the latter to send it back to you. We invite you to search in your mailbox using the search bar.

It is possible to extend your Voucher with Poplidays.com for an unlimited period. If you choose this option, an additional 50€ will be added to your initial Voucher amount. A new Voucher of unlimited duration* will then be created, added to your customer account and sent to your email address. *By accepting this commercial offer, this new Voucher will no longer be eligible for reimbursement if requested by the traveler.