Cancellation insurance

POPLIDAYS ensures your vacation with Mutuaide

Travel with peace of mind with the justified all-cause insurance!

Do you want to take out cancellation insurance for your stay? It's very simple!

Examine in detail the services offered and discover all the coverage conditions. Be careful! Your Credit Card, while it covers certain risks in case of travel, does not protect you in the same way.

This document is a synthetic presentation of the main characteristics of the product. It does not take into account your specific needs and requests. You will find complete information about this product in the pre-contractual and contractual documentation.


POPLIDAYS Multirisque Comfort is an individual insurance contract intended to cover the Insured during and for the duration of their trip.


Up to €5,000 per person and €15,000 per event
  • Cancellation due to serious illness (including in case of epidemic or pandemic), serious bodily injury, or death.
  • Cancellation due to being denied boarding at the airport, train station, bus station, or port of departure following a temperature check.
  • Cancellation in case of not being vaccinated against Covid-19.


Up to €5,000 per person and €15,000 per event.


Up to €4,000 per person.


Physical, material, and consequential damages caused to third parties due to the occupation of the premises. Up to €500,000 per claim.



  • Rescue on slopes: up to €5,000.
  • Refund of passes: up to a maximum of €250 per insured and per event.
  • Loss, theft, and breakage of equipment: up to €250.
  • The consequences of the travel organizer's failure.
  • Civil or foreign wars, riots, popular movements, or strikes.
  • The consequences of the disintegration of the atomic nucleus or any radiation from a source of energy presenting a radioactive nature.
  • Epidemics except as stipulated in the guarantee, natural disasters, and pollution.
  • Medical expenses in the country of residence.

The main exclusions of the contract are:

  • Services that were not requested during the trip or that were not organized by us, or in agreement with us, do not give right, retroactively, to a refund or compensation.
  • The voluntary participation of an Insured in riots or strikes, brawls or assaults.
  • The consequences of the use of drugs, narcotics, psychotropic substances not medically prescribed, and the abuse of alcohol.
  • Any intentional act of the Insured that could trigger the contract's guarantee.
  • Pre-existing diseases diagnosed and/or treated that were hospitalized within 6 months preceding the assistance request and whose aggravation was predictable.

The contract also includes some restrictions:

  • Only the guarantees corresponding to the subscribed formula and indicated on the reservation invoice are acquired.
  • The contract must be subscribed on the day of the travel booking or, at the latest, the day before the first day of application of the cancellation fee scale.
  • On the same contract, all Insureds must have subscribed to the same formula.
  • The Insured must be domiciled in Europe, in the DOM-ROM-COM, and sui generis communities.

The guarantees apply worldwide, except in countries in a state of civil or foreign war, notorious political instability, or undergoing popular movements, riots, acts of terrorism, reprisals, restrictions on the free movement of people and goods (for any reason, including health, security, meteorological, etc.) or disintegration of the atomic nucleus or any radiation from a source of energy presenting a radioactive nature.

At the time of contract subscription

The Insured is required to pay the premium.

The Insured must accurately answer the questions asked by the Insurer, especially in the declaration form that allows the Insurer to assess the risks covered.

In the event of a claim

  • Under the insurance guarantees: 1. You must declare the claim as soon as it is confirmed by a competent medical authority that the severity of your health condition is such as to contraindicate your trip or as soon as you become aware of the event that may trigger the guarantee. 2. If the claim has not been declared directly to the Insurer by the travel agency or organizer, you must notify them within 5 working days following the event triggering the guarantee.
  • Under other insurance guarantees, the Insured must declare their claim within 5 working days from the event triggering the guarantee.
  • Under assistance services, the Insured must contact the assistance platform and obtain their prior agreement before taking any initiative or incurring any expense. In all cases, the Insured is required to provide the Insurer with all necessary supporting documents for the implementation of the insurance guarantees and assistance services provided for in the contract.

The premium is payable upon subscription of the contract, by any means of payment accepted by the travel agency.

Start of coverage

The "Cancellation for any justified reason" guarantees take effect on the day of the subscription of this contract. All other guarantees take effect on the day of departure for the trip (meeting place of the organizer for the outward journey).

Right to withdraw

In accordance with Article L112-10 of the Insurance Code, the Insured, if they are subscribing for non-professional purposes and can justify a previous guarantee for one of the risks covered by this new contract, may withdraw from this new contract, without fees or penalties, as long as it has not been fully executed or the Insured has not invoked any guarantee, within a period of fourteen calendar days from the conclusion of the new contract.

End of coverage

The "Cancellation for any justified reason" guarantees expire on the day of departure for the trip (meeting place of the organizer for the outward journey).
All other guarantees expire on the last day of the trip (dispersal location of the group), with a maximum duration of 90 consecutive days.

Cancellation of the contract is not allowed.


Find this memo and the more detailed insurance notice Poplidays Multirisque Comfort by Mutuaide by downloading the following two PDF files: